Machine to machine

Machine to Machine (M2M), enables your technical appliances to connect to the internet, such as your machines or any other devices. This allows your assets to intellectually open up to other possibilities. You can explore how businesses operate, how they grow and how they keep customers satisfied.


A more simplistic way to explain M2M communications is that it can only occur when a sensor, or any other device, is connected to a machine. It is then possible to capture an event that is transmitted over a network and also deliver data to applications.

These smart sensors include a SIM card that receives and conveys the data wirelessly to a central server. Here an Application translates the data into information that can be studied and actioned. For example, if the temperature is too hot, it can be altered and turned down.

The machine captures events such as altitude, speed, heart rate, stress levels, light, movement, location and more, as they’re embedded into a remote asset.


The internet is continuously evolving and due to this, advanced companies are adapting to this technology more often than ever. M2M technology can support your business and ensure that you’re staying ahead of the next industrial and technical revolution.

You can gain instant feedback by using M2M communications on how a remote asset is being used, what problems may occur, such as breakdowns or errors and what features are most popular.

All the information that is received is more than useful as it shortens the time taken to turnaround any problems that could occur, services are proactive. M2M communications can also help protect people, such as vulnerable children, or be used to help find anyone that’s missing and/or provide health benefits, such as ensuring the medicines that are being taken are the correct ones.

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