Secure Device Management

There’s nothing worse than losing data! Ensure your devices are fully protected.

Fusion has partnered with the world’s most trusted mobility management solution which is used by over 10,000 customers worldwide. The aim is to enhance enterprise mobility and enable Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and other initiatives.


With its increased popularity and the outstanding results that BYOD has been bringing to the performance and productivity of businesses, more and more companies are deciding to partake in this beneficial scheme. This includes small, medium and large scale enterprises, regardless of the vertical industry they are part of, or the scale of mobile devices to be deployed. With this, you can heighten your work output and improve the overall results produced by your business.


With more people than ever using smartphones and tablets in the business industry, it can be difficult to create professional policies and ways of exploiting this new technology whilst trying to support the varied requirements of clients. Enterprise mobility is now changing the traditional dynamics of the work place and is now focussing on virtual environments, which anyone can access no matter where they are.


Keeping content on mobile devices safe from threats whilst maintaining a safe and accessible environment can be a tough challenge, as well as trying to manage and nurture your business. Having efficient Mobile Device Management (MDM), will provide you with diagnostic reports, analytics and valuable information on the enterprise’s mobile workforce.


Managing mobile content is important so a secure content library which distributes and manages up-to-date corporate resources from mobile devices, is in one place. This service supports multiple formats with the feature of being able to set up priority levels, specifying a duration for how long files will be available for, changing release dates according to geo-location and many more.


This is the process of developing, obtaining, organising and running the configuration, dispersal and access of commercial and in-house developed mobile apps. This is achieved through an enterprise app, consumer app store or a virtual marketplace.


Also known as (MEM) this is a completely protected and powerful e-mail access filter that will configure the settings in your mobile in order to enable, restrict and in some cases disable the flow of email traffic between various mobile devices and the business environment.

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