Blankney Estates has upgraded its communications hardware and connectivity, thanks to the help of Fusion Communications.

The estates manages around 130 rental properties, both residential and commercial, within the villages of Blankney, Scopwick and Metheringham, in addition to over 14,000 acres of land used for arable crops for human consumption, animal feed and energy production.

Connectivity plays a vital role in the running and upkeep of the estates, and is used for both internal and external communications, so it was important that the team were provided with a solution that enabled them to stay connected.

Fusion Communications assessed Blankney Estates’ business requirements and migrated the tariff to EE.

Helen Horn, of Blankney Estates said: “The Fusion Communications team have been great! They took the time to come to visit us to find out our business requirements without being overly pushy.

“The mobile connection and network is generally reliable and all the hardware that has been provided meet our needs perfectly. We find Fusion offer a friendly, professional service, and always try to solve problems as promptly and efficiently as they can.

“We would definitely recommend Fusion Communications to any business looking to update its business mobiles.”

Oliver Rowe, founder and CEO of Fusion Communications, said: “We partner with major mobile providers, including O2, Vodafone and EE to offer our customers the best B2B networks available in their area, whilst retaining complete ownership of the relationship with our customers.

“Depending on the individual customer’s needs, we can offer varying levels of control and flexibility over their mobile communications. We provide bespoke tariffs and solutions that suit all professional requirements.

“Like we did with Blankney Estates, we work on a deeper level to understand each customer’s needs to create an efficient and effective technology plan that suits their requirements.

“Whether you simply need to move your mobile arrangements or combine it with your other communication services, our Fusion migration service ensures the easiest switch possible with no interruption of service or change of numbers.”

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