Since the 1980’s Cornish Tea & Coffee have been supplying the finest products around the country. Still a family run in Looe, they have an ethical approach to blending and roasting a range of teas and coffees from our state-of-the-art plastic free factory.

Cornish Tea & Coffee Ltd are now proud partner of Fusion Communications, with Fusion now managing the wider groups communications infrastructure.

Duncan Bond, Managing Director of Cornish Tea & Coffee said:
“We were faced with a real challenge to find a solution to suit a rapidly growing business, we quickly discovered that we needed a solution that could – literally – evolve daily. We also knew that a priority was keeping complete transparency across the hosted solution, and identifying which of our brands the customer called was key for us. Now, with our infrastructure designed and provided by Fusion, we feel that we can really give our customers the very best experience when calling Cornish Tea or any of our other brands.”

Aaron Spry, Director of Sales for Fusion 
“After a full telecoms infrastructure review, Fusion installed a completely managed wireless solution with up to 4x faster connectivity. We also introduced soft applications across the business – both PC and mobile applications across all staff – enabling all staff to be able to roam across the site without being disconnected from the old base stations.”

Duncan continued This flexibility is a real game changer, we can now work from anywhere. This infrastructure has been designed so that the mobile and PC applications are a genuine extension of the office, meaning we can now go into the new year with zero concerns. Whatever happens going forward, we have the ability and flexibility to have everyone safely working from home with no negative impact to our business or customer experience.

We highly recommend Aaron Spry and the team at Fusion Communications.”